Working high pressure, corporate jobs ran us into the ground.

Stress married with a diet consisting of desk lunches (often from a vending machine) balanced with ‘Friyay’ espresso martinis, it’s safe to say the candle was being burnt at both ends. An exhaustive search three years ago led us, Caitlin and Rosie, to the only two options available for cleansing our bodies of all this damage: Bikram yoga or kale juice. An hour and a half of sweaty backward bending and a drink that tasted like grass just wasn’t going to cut the mustard.

After researching various detox remedies we discovered Bentonite Clay, a natural phenomenon which acts like a magnet when married with water to extract toxins from the body. Bentonite clay is like a negatively charged sponge, when hydrated it attracts the positive charge found in toxins and impurities. After transforming Rosie’s kitchen into a test laboratory, we created our own mixture and started a weekly MUD bath ritual; a time to put down the phone, calm the mind and cleanse the body. An immediate benefit of taking a MUD bath is the instant sense of calm and relaxation followed by a solid 8 hours sleep… a concept completely unheard of to both of us.

After sharing our new found detox method to friends it became clear there was a huge gap in the market for experiential detox products, plus an eager tribe keen to try anything to find balance. Hence, MUD was born.

At MUD, we believe that when it comes to health, it isn’t always black and white, so we created a range to help people find balance. The range includes three varieties of MUD bath & body masks and the newly released Edible MUD, 100% Australian Food Grade Bentonite Clay, designed for internal cleansing of toxins and bacteria in the gut.

Gut health has been an obsession of ours in recent years. We both struggle with various food intolerances and malabsorption issues, by ingesting Edible MUD we found a significant improvement to our digestion and overall health. Toxins and bacteria in the gut accumulate over time. It’s the by-product of processed food, sugar, food container linings, cosmetics, cleaning products and pollution, things that are completely unavoidable in this day and age. Over time, toxins form in your gut and cannot be naturally eliminated. This build up can cause inflammation, skin issues, sleep disturbances, bloating, gas, anxiety, depression and a myriad of illnesses. By introducing regular cleansing, your body can start to break down these toxins and remove the build up from your intestinal lining. Bentonite clay is an easy and non-invasive way of removing this build up.

We love creating products that help people slow down, reset and nourish their bodies. Our vision is to create clean health, beauty and household products while encouraging people to pay as much attention to the back of the label of all lifestyle products as they do with food

MUD is available from 42 international stockists including health stores, gyms, lifestyle boutiques, day spas and online retailers, plus our very own online store and follow us at @mud_co

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