Do you get a lot of mixed messages about what’s actually good for your skin? Belinda Hughes looks into Coconut Oil Vs Cosmetics:

As a professional beauty therapist who is passionate about toxic free skin care and internal health for glowing skin I follow a lot of health bloggers to see what my favourite tribe are onto this month for optimum health and trends.

Too often though I see health coaches and bloggers talk about whipping up homemade skin care in your kitchen or sprouting that coconut oil is the solution for every facet of your body inside and out. I often wonder though, what about the professional woman running to get out the door to her corporate job? She doesn’t have time to oil pull/green smoothie/ whip up her own skin care/make her own food before a 6am flight on frantic early mornings. Let’s throw children into the mix and I believe things get even trickier.

I also think about what experiences she may be used to, as a professional who travels myself, anything that makes my life easier is king. I also enjoy a little luxury as it falls into the previous category of making life easier and more comfortable. I can’t imagine the corporate manager ditching the experience of going into the beauty clinic or even a high retailer like David Jones in favour of kitchen ingredients.

In my clinic I often see women coming in with dehydrated skin exasperated because they have done ‘all the right things’ to be healthy and toxic free… why is the coconut oil not working?! The answer is in the formulations. Your usual cream may contain avocado and coconut, but it has been mixed and made in a way that has best skin penetration for maximum results. Unfortunately these raw ingredients sit on the skin, not penetrating for enough to tackle that deep dehydration occurring through a hard winter. Even skin oils from cosmetic companies have been blended with different types of oil in a way so the is skin to be able to drink it up as opposed to sitting on top. Some of the best ingredients to look for which give maximum skin hydration and plumping include:

Avocado – deeply nourishing omega 9 fatty acids are the building blocks for skin combined with vitamin E and C this super oil is great for skin!

Hyaluronic Acid – holds and binds 1000x its weight in water in the skin for plumping and maximum hydration

Coconut – anti viral, anti bacterial, anti microbial and anti inflammatory has similar proteins and vitamins to breast milk so it is deeply nourishing to our cells

Jojoba – more of a wax than oil, it is closest to our skin’s natural oil (sebum) and can easily penetrate our protective outer layer for lasting hydration

Rosehip – contains vitamin A and C and is healing, calming and soothing on skin, full of essential fatty acids to build healthy skin cells

Calendula – deeply healing and nourishing on any irritated skin, helps the skin to knit itself back together whilst healing, anti inflammatory and anti bacterial use it on everything from minor skin abrasions to nappy rah and sun burn.

There are plenty of brands out there with beautiful formulations, and the best news is most toxic free natural and organic products contain these beautiful ingredients because they’re key natural hydration sources as well as anti inflammatory. This means healthy plump skin that is calm and not irritated, which is what we all desire!

HOT TIP – If the product is truly toxic free these oils on a hydrating cream or lotion will be listed within the first 3-5 ingredients, if they’re at the bottom and you don’t pronounce the first few ingredients it’s not natural!

Belinda Hughes

Natural Beauty Expert

Belinda Hughes

Editor of Natural Beauty Expert and a professional beauty therapist who is passionate about natural and organic beauty products. Belinda will help her followers navigate their way around what natural beauty is and the best way to get it. Expert advice combined with the hottest trends.

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