Capelli Lunghi Natural Hair Salon

Capelli Lunghi salon is a new hair salon located in Hawksburn Melbourne that’s embracing natural haircare.

Having started as an online business selling natural hair care and hair extensions, they have grown into a beautiful space treating clients to the latest trends in hairstyling with the best local natural products available.

Nick took care of me the day I went in and with my hair looking more homeless than balayage I was excited to hear this was his area of expertise. After a quick discussion Nick got to work artistically evening out my blonde ends and colouring my re-growth at the roots. Over a cup of herbal tea we chatted about how he’s worked all over Melbourne, and still has so many of his clients follow him everywhere he goes.

Here’s what Nick had to say about using natural products and where the hair industry is headed in 2017:

So explain to me the concept of Capelli Lunghi.

At Capelli Lunghi we are all about healthy beautiful shiny hair. We believe in using natural and organic products like Original Minerals and Evo to give each client their dream hair. Our salon is a minimal, natural and tranquil space where our clients are indulged with some of Australia’s leading products and most amazing basin treatments. Each client is consulted and will receive a detailed plan of how we are going to achieve their dream tresses.


Have you seen a shift in the hair industry towards natural products?

Having worked within the industry for over a decade, I have definitely seen a massive shift towards a more natural and organic product. Clients are becoming a lot more aware and knowledgeable about the way they treat their bodies, from diet and exercise all the way through to their hair and beauty regimes. The internet and endless supply of information online makes things a lot easier for them to access as well, helping them get a better understanding into what we are doing with their much loved hair.

I love my balayage, how do you achieve that perfect colour?

Every client is different, so I treat each colour very differently in the way I approach it. I always colour and treat my client’s hair using Original Minerals (O&M). Belinda wanted to achieve a natural sun kissed look with her colour, so I began by applying a deeper global colour through her roots to blend out any regrowth, demarcations and naughty greys that were sneaking in. I also pulled some of this global colour through her mid lengths to achieve some added depth where I thought was needed. Then working my way through her hair with a power lightener mix I visually picked out pieces and hand painted them with the mix to add those beautiful shimmering highlights. Finally adding a soft natural golden toner at the basin for 20mins just glosses everything and brings the colour to life.


Tell me about hot hair trends happening in 2017.

Personally a lot of my clients want a stunning beachy tousled look. So within Capelli Lunghi over the next year there will still continue to be a lot of natural balayage, with clients switching between long tousled waves and a gorgeous beachy lobs (Long Bob). It’s definitely a trend that isn’t going anywhere quickly as clients love the subtlety and easy wear of the colour. Some do however mix it up with pastel toners for a bit of fun every now and then.

You have quite a range of hair care in salon and online, how do the two complement each other and how do readers find you?

In Salon we offer a wide range of Natural and Organic Shampoos, Conditioners and styling products from O&M, Evo, Hello Hair and Mermaid Haircare. Our online store is an easy convenient place for clients to purchase products if they aren’t able to make in to the salon to purchase what they need. We often have little competitions and giveaways that we promote on our social media so please go online and like our Facebook and follow Instagram account for any news and specials we may have. I would like to offer any potential clients a 10% discount if they mention our Natural beauty Expert review as a thank you for reading.

Thank you again I love my fresh hair! I will defiantly be back again!

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