Does the word ‘ageing’ strike fear into your heart?

Does the sight of crow’s feet or laugh lines have you grasping for the nearest anti-wrinkle cream? If yes, then join the club of many other Australian women who have fallen prey to the mantra of advertising agencies. The message that you hear is that age is ugly, slow and unattractive, and that youth is beauty, energetic and desirable. The championing of youth over age is so wrong for so many reasons, let me explain why.

It is important to remember that humans are irrational beings who buy with emotion, not logic. The marketing divisions of big beauty brands depend on this fact to ensure you absorb their message and buy their product. Apparently, you should do everything in your power to ‘erase the seven signs of ageing’ (sound familiar?) They create a problem and then offer you a convenient solution with their overpriced product.

Ok, so every business needs to market their product to reach customers, even mine! But there is a problem with the way most mainstream beauty companies achieve this. They keep you reaching for an unattainable reality, telling you that someday you may reverse or stop aging all together. This illusion keeps hapless ladies like yourself in a constant state of anxiety that you are not doing enough or spending enough on looking younger, and if you could only find that miracle cure…

To add insult to injury, the meteoric rise in dermal fillers and cosmetic injections has fed Australian women’s obsession with the fountain of youth. Now if you just have thousands per year to spend, are ok with the side effects and don’t mind the risk of paralysis, then sure you can give these a try. But they will never last.

The bottom line is that most of the beauty industry feeds off your insecurities, self-doubt and shame and you have let it. Not consciously of course, that is what makes big beauty advertising so clever. They spend billions each year feeding you messages that your conscious mind is not even aware of. So why is this a problem for you? Well, it precipitates deep seated unhappiness, fear, lack of self-worth and dissatisfaction with your life. You will continue to tell yourself you are not young enough, not beautiful enough, not good enough, until the day you die.

Sorry to bring you down for the moment but you know it is true, when you think about it. The good news: there is hope! You can overcome the monolith advertising messages and truly love and value yourself for who you are at any age, and it is not as difficult as you may think. You can be happy in your skin, with laugh lines, imperfections and still be as radiantly beautiful as a 17 year old magazine model. Here are some tips how.

Firstly, begin with some daily self-love. Upon waking and before you check your phone; recite to yourself a mantra to set intention for your day. I sometimes use “I am a loving, radiant, gorgeous woman. Don’t be afraid, give unconditionally and live every moment.” Cheesy, yes. Powerful, absolutely. This positive self-talk will really change your mind-set for the day and if done regularly can help undo some of the beauty brainwashing.

Another great tool is mindfulness. Next time you hear a beauty marketing message, call it. “Oh, look! This big cosmetics company is trying to sell me an overpriced cream, which won’t really do anything except moisturise my skin. How hilarious!” Calling these tricks out for what they are will remove the power they have over you. Just be aware you will need to do this hundreds of times per day, for all the messages you receive!

Lastly, choose a beauty regime that is based on natural health and proven fact, not clever advertising. As a Chinese medicine doctor and a cosmetic acupuncturist I am passionate about helping women prevent ageing and combat skin issues from the inside out. Your skin is the largest organ in your body and a proven medical approach must be taken for you to achieve lasting results. Yes I am biased but natural facial rejuvenation is one of the best ways I know how to naturally and effectively treat ageing and skin problems. Wouldn’t you prefer to be happier in your own skin and slow premature ageing with an all-natural approach?

Battling the brainwashing of beauty advertising can be challenging, but not impossible. You are a beautiful, radiant woman who deserves to not only look amazing but actually be happy with whom you are. The more you love and respect yourself the more women around you will be comfortable with changing how they see themselves too. In this you can start a chain reaction which just might change the world. The gorgeous Byron Katie sums it up beautifully “Do you want to meet the love of your life? Look in the mirror.”

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