This time of year can be trying or enjoyable. To make it enjoyable and come through the year looking and smelling like roses there are some key strategies you can take on to breeze through this party season beautifully:

Summer is finally here! The holidays are upon us and you’ve probably already begun the round of Christmas parties, lunches and end of year goings on. Take care of yourself, especially with late nights and early work mornings:

– alternate water and alcohol drinks at parties, sparkling water can be very celebratory.
– begin the day with half a lemon squeezed in warm water.
– take a good probiotic to survive the party food and alcohol, I love Sunlightens MaintainME.

Be vigorous with your beauty routine:
– wash your face every evening, even if it’s late. There’s nothing worse than a massive blemish popping up just in time for the big end of year party or Christmas Day… worse still, New Years Eve!
– Switch to a good mineral liquid foundation, their staying power is just as good as traditional and will help your skin breathe through the long party hours.
– Carry a mineral powder and blush with you to freshen up your look from office to party, if you have a hydrating tonique use it through the day and to set your makeup before you leave the office for a fresh dewy look.

Don’t forget your body, it’s time to show off those lily-white legs of winter! It doesn’t have to be a disaster:
– dry body brush when you can before your morning shower, this will prevent flaking and keep your skin glowing.
– moisturize every morning with a toxic free moisturizer (a natural mosituriser is key to caring for a tan, chemicals will destroy a tan).
– get a spray tan for the special events or use a good gradual self tan lotion, to avoid orange disasters consult your local beauty salon, professional brands always give better results than supermarket brands.

Finally try not to over book your schedule. If you have a free day over the weekend use it to recharge your batteries and relax. Spend it outdoors or go for a massage or rejuvenating facial. Rest and sleep will be your friends.

Happy holidays!

Belinda Hughes

Editor of Natural Beauty Expert and a professional beauty therapist who is passionate about natural and organic beauty products. Belinda will help her followers navigate their way around what natural beauty is and the best way to get it. Expert advice combined with the hottest trends.

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