Wellbeing and health seem to be the fad of the last few years with new workouts, diets, health Apps, and wellness experiences being created and delivered at a rapid pace.

Even travel escapes are combining wellness to capitalise on this market. But… do these lead to long-term changes? More often, in my experience, I see people return from their health getaway and enter straight back into the rat race, like nothing has changed. Instead this mini break has given them a short breather from their stress, rather than helping them to create a life more in sync with their overall health. I don’t mean that people need to make drastic changes like give up their work, but wouldn’t it be great if, whilst enjoying the luxury of a getaway, they can build skills and awareness to create a life that is health promoting, full of vitality and reflective of a life that is deeply meaningful? The life they truly want?

I created Mind Body Resilience retreats for just this purpose. I wanted to combine the luxury and down time people need to wind down and reset but to also equip them with skills and resources to create the life they want. Too often when we are caught in the busy cycle of life and we are functioning day-to-day we start to lose contact with what’s deeply meaningful to us. We are also often so busy we don’t take steps to actualise our goals and make real change.

Investing in self care is the most valuable thing you can do for your body and soul. We update our wardrobe each season, we make sure our car has a service, we willingly buy our loved ones gifts which is an investment in our friendship, but do we spend time investing properly in our health and wellbeing?

Most of us know how and what we need to do to take care of ourselves but it is often perspective and motivation that gets in the way of wellness behaviours being a priority. This is where I like to specialise, helping people connect with their intrinsic motivation to take care of themselves long term. Investing in our health is the number one priority because if we don’t how can we truly be the parent we want to be, the best at what we do and be able to show up for the people we love in a way that is reflective of our values.

Mind Body Resilience couples evidence based psychological strategies, a variety of movement practices and nutrition to help people experience good health. It’s not your average health retreat by any means! We go further to help people really tap into their deepest desires and set goals to create the life they want. By the time you leave your 5 nights of luxury you will also be equipped with a tailored wellness plan to ensure your gains are maintained. At this retreat you will learn the skills of how to sustain your health, motivation and learn techniques that you can implement daily for longevity.

But of course, we can’t forget the pampering. Over 5 nights you will experience rejuvenation in waterfront accommodation in one of Noosa’s most exclusive premises. Relax by the pool, do some yoga in the sunshine, paddleboard to Hastings, enjoy the national park or read a book on Noosa main beach, the options are endless. All your meals will be catered for based on nutritional guidance and you will enjoy dinner at Ricky’s, one of Noosa’s most renown restaurants, who will be catering especially for you. You will also experience beauty treatments, group fitness sessions, massage and a whole lot more.

The next specialised retreat for health professionals is taking place in Byron Bay in October.

Be Pampered – Enjoy massage and beauty treatments.

Be Challenged – Address the barriers that are keeping you stuck and are stopping you from living the life you want.

Be Inspired – Connect with unique healers and discover your own passion and meaning that will tap into endless sources of motivation.

Be Educated – Learn evidence based information about health, wellbeing and nutrition that can be applied to your lifestyle.

Be Resourced – Build skills in resilience so you can attain goals even when road blocks arise.

Be Vulnerable – Learning to connect with our vulnerability and compassion is key to authentic relationships and a healthy way of caring for ourselves.

Be Connected – Learn how to open up and connect with yourself, others and your environment. Enjoy the natural beauty and build your sense of connection with nature.

Book with Mind Body Resilience this month and readers will receive 15% off by just mentioning this article. The next wellness retreat is running is in Noosa, August 29 to September 3, book now!

Dr Samantha Clarke