Finding the perfect way to celebrate Valentine’s Day does not have to be daunting, expensive or time consuming.

Understand what your partner really desires and you can effortlessly win his heart.

The easiest way to win his heart is to understand what he’s craving the most.

Valentine’s Day is usually a day where couples show their love and appreciation, to re-connect and re-ignite the spark. However, there have been many walking away feeling disappointed by their partner.

Many people think that they need to spend lots of money, buying extravagant gifts and surprises to make their partner happy but it’s not necessarily true. The day can result in high pocket expenses without quality ‘gifts’ that will strengthen or improve the relationship.

Women do have the best intentions at heart but without understanding what their man needs and desires, it’s a bit like throwing spaghetti on the wall and seeing what sticks.

As women, we can often complicate things more than what they need to be. Making your man feel happy and loved doesn’t have to be hard or frustrating.

A successful Valentine’s Day results from thoughtful planning and paying attention to the small details that you know matter to him.

To make this Valentine’s Day fun, affordable and most important of all, unforgettable, women should follow these 5 simple tips:

  1. Express love and affection:

Men crave the crazy stupid love as much as women, though he might not express it as often. Generally speaking, physical touch is really important to a man. It’s not about being sexual but it’s the affection and connection he desires. Men love it when women initiate (again I’m not talking just sexually), so don’t be shy to show him lots of affection (i.e. kisses, hugs, cuddles, massages etc.). When it comes to the bedroom, take charge and show him how much you want him, make Valentine’s Day the hottest sex ever!

  1. Show appreciation:

Men also love to feel needed and appreciated in the relationship. Tell him how much you appreciate his presence in your life and all the things he has contributed to in the relationship (no matter how small). For a lot of men, “acts of service” is their main love language. Hence it explains why men go over and beyond to fix or build things around the house. The more appreciative you are of the little things he’s done, the more he wants to do it for you.

  1. Make the day about him:

As mentioned before, there has been lots of social pressure on men to ‘perform’ on this day. When it comes to a relationship, it has to be a mutual exchange of love, energy and effort. This day is about love, not only to receive it but to share it. It is as much about you receiving flowers, presents and surprises as it is about you making him feel special and loved. Take the initiative, plan the date with simple surprises such as breakfast in bed, prepare his lunch box with a love note, take him somewhere that he really enjoys, etc.

  1. Make it fun and spontaneous:

Nothing strengthens your relationship like sharing an experience that you both enjoy and can grow together. Think about what you both always wanted to do but haven’t. Alternatively, think about what you used to do as a couple before your responsibilities ‘got in the way’. When was the last time you guys had fun just for the purpose of pure fun? What did you used to do on date nights? Where did you used to go? Where would you like to travel together? What would you like to do together? Put into plan, schedule some time out so that you can enjoy a special evening together just the two of you.

  1. Connection and intimacy:

Valentine’s Day is the perfect day to re-connect and re-ignite the spark in the relationship. Make sure your conversations do not involve work/business, finances, the house or the kids. Spend the night together to connect at all levels – intellectually, emotionally and physically. Connect intellectually through sharing about your goals and dreams, your life perspectives and beliefs, what you want to do in life etc. Connect emotionally through sharing openly and honestly about your feelings and emotions, what you deeply want and desire. Connect more physically through spending time cuddling, touching, satisfying your partner etc.

These points are also a great way to strengthen your relationship well beyond Valentine’s Day. Take these to heart and continue to show him how much he means to you, not just on Valentine’s Day but every day.