Last month I attended the Utopia Women’s Wellness event in Melbourne. There I stumbled upon candle and body care brand Blisume. These 100% Soy wax candles have delicious scents like Vanilla, Rose, Coconut & Lime, Frangipani, Pear, Bergamot & Litsea Cubeba, Jasmine & Lime and Grape & Berries. Usually these unique scents are not available as ‘toxic free’ but the cleaver team at Blisume have come up with a way of formulating them using 100% plant based & natural ingredients. Botanical extracts, absolutes, essential oils and isolates, just to name a few. The fragrance formulations, which are used in their scented candles and body products, are 100% natural guaranteed, and free from synthetic ingredients, petrochemicals, solvents, parabens & phthalates. Only pure soy is used in their candles, which is 100% vegetable, made from soybean oil, GM free, all natural and biodegradable. The wicks are ready to light, and trimmed quite short and it is recommended that you burn them at least until all the wax has pooled to the edge of the candle glass.

I don’t always come across candles that are made with so much thought put into them, so I was impressed…

What’s most impressive though is that this fragrance company has managed to produce traditionally synthetic fragrances, naturally. They have also packed a lot of fragrance into each product; the Jasmine & Lime that I trialed filled my house with the scent, great for people who like to smell their fragrant candles. This is definitely a safer option to synthetic home ‘plug in’ fragrances.

Also if you are totally in love with your candles scent you can also shower in it with their range of body washes available in all corresponding natural fragrances.

You can find out more or even buy them online for the very reasonable price of $42.95.


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