As we click over into 2019 I wanted to do a list of natural beauty and wellness trends I feel are going to be important this year.

Technology and Beauty

More and more we will be using technology for our beauty needs. More than just turning to Instagram for the latest trends, apps are being developed to help you diagnose your skin to match products to you better. Skin care websites are using diagnostic tools more and more to make sure you get the product best suited to your skin.

Skincare Companies are Listening to Their Customers

What does this mean for you? It means more products that we actually want. Vegan skincare trending? Then more and more companies will be producing vegan friendly products. Minimal and sustainable packaging? We will start to see much more minimal and sustainable packaging developed to reduce waste. This goes beyond a simple review of products, companies like Glossier and becoming very successful because they’re listening to what their consumer wants and delivering that, rather than telling the consumer what they think they want.

Holistic Skin Treatments like Cosmetic Acupuncture

Cosmetic Acupuncture started to trend last year and it’s only set to get bigger. Taking a more holistic approach to aging well as well as our inner health. Dubbed ‘better than Botox’ women will be ditching actual Botox for this more holistic treatment. With celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow a fan more and more women are flocking to this more sustainable way of aging and taking care of their health. To read more about cosmetic acupuncture read our interview with Dr Abbie from Zhong Center in Melbourne.

Sustainable Beauty

In 2019 it’s not enough to be natural, vegan and cruelty free we also want to take care of the environment. Sustainability is set the be the next big thing in beauty with minimal or eco friendly packaging, refillable options and even bulk buy options like we get with our wholefoods. Some companies have been doing this for years like Organic Spa with their recyclable packing that breaks down in carbon (landfill) but we will be seeing this level of sustainability becoming the norm with cosmetic companies as consumer demand grows.

Ingrained Wellness and Beauty

While it is becoming more and more accepted that internal health corresponds to glowing skin, integrated wellness will become the new norm and much more widely accepted. We will be correcting our health and working on our food and exercise regimes for not just inner health but also glowing skin. Alternative health professionals will be continually turned to for advice on gut health issues, hormonal imbalances and general well being. These services will integrate with our natural beauty routines to achieve optimal health to get us glowing from the inside.

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