In November we were treated to an awesome event in Melbourne for a new superfood from Rawtanica.

When the founders of Rawtanica, a full time engineer and chocolate enthusiast and his partner a qualified pharmacist and health coach, set off on a wild adventure into the warm heart of Africa, they discovered the hunter gatherer way of eating and living. This lead to the discovery of a new superfood.

The village people would gather every morning under the huge majestic Baobab tree to meet, harvest Baobab fruit, collect water and trade. This is where Clive and Jenny had their first taste of the Baobab fruit.

Why we love Baobab fruit powder 

1. It is a unique and fascinating raw wholefood with an impressive nutrition profile.

2. It provides an ethically & sustainable biodiversity through wild harvest community practises which have been established, overseen and preserved by foresters.

3. It supports African harvesters to thrive as local people earn an income from harvesting the Baobab fruit.

4. The packing and labelling provides rehabilitation opportunities through job creation in a local Australian social enterprise.

The Fruit 

A very very long time ago, the first Baobab tree grew beside a small lake in the heart of Africa. The fruit from this ancient African “Tree of Life” has been used traditionally for food and medicine as it is abundant in nature’s goodness. A superfood in its true form.

We bring this superfood to you straight from this legendary tree. Baobab powder dehydrates naturally inside the fruit on the tree. It is raw, unprocessed and organic. The fallen Baobab fruit is cracked open, separated from the fibers and seeds, and then sieved. No nutrients are lost and the powder remains in its natural form, as if you picked it yourself.

Talk about paleo…

“…given the extreme ages of many of the Baobab trees, it is possible that we are eating this ancient Baobab fruit from not just a totally unchanged species, but we are eating the fruit from the very same individual trees that our ancestors were eating from over 1000 years ago.” 


Why it’s great for you 

Baobab powder has a very unique nutritional profile and boasts some incredible health benefits including digestive health, immune support, everyday hydration, energy and skin health.

Baobab is nearly 50% fibre, which keeps you regular and makes you feel full. This may assist with weight control. This natural fibre may also help to lower cholesterol, stabilise blood sugar levels and help to prevent certain bowel cancers. The natural pectin, which makes up part of the fibre, has a prebiotic function encouraging growth of friendly intestinal bacteria and is low in fructose compared to other high dietary fibre sources.

Baobab is extremely high in Vitamin C (6 X oranges), has a superior antioxidant (2 X acai berry) and polyphenol content profile. Studies have revealed that polyphenols have the ability to protect the body from free radical damage. These properties support the immune system and skin health. Other research on polyphenols has indicated that the addition of Baobab into a meal can significantly reduce the rate at which sugar is released into the blood supply and therefore balance blood sugar.

digestive health immune support everyday hydration energy skin health 
extremely high in fibre

natural pectin

low fructose

prebiotic function



rich in vitamin C

superior antioxidants


high in potassium




B vitamins – natural multivitamin

minerals – iron

vitamin C

polyphenol rich


low GI

superior antioxidants

rich in vitamin C

Super versatile super food 

With a taste of caramel pear with subtle tones of grapefruit, the uses of this amazing food are nearly endless, especially because of the high content of natural pectin that acts as a natural thickener.

Add to: water, smoothies, tea, and fruit juices

Sprinkle on: cereal, yoghurts, fresh fruit and fresh salads

Use in: healthy desserts, bliss balls, raw cheesecake, snack bars, soups, jams, ice-cream & sorbets, sauces & salad dressings as an amazing natural thickener

As a brand committed to wellbeing, Rawtanica are proud to provide a natural, unprocessed, organic raw wholefood direct from the Baobab tree. We are happy that this product supports a local social enterprise in Australia and will also encourage harvesters in Africa to thrive. In Africa, “This income can often change their life & plays a significant role towards community food, water supply, health, education, housing, start-up capital for small household income generating activities”

‘We see Rawtanica’ Baobab powder as a vehicle to consciously and positively impact in many ways here and over in Africa’, says the founder.

It’s also great as a superfood face mask! Some beauty therapists are creating raw superfood masks to use in clinics, or you can mix the powder into a paste to use yourself at home. Heavenly Rituals in Albert Park have made an amazing scrub and mask out of Baobab. You can find them at

They have also just released some divine body oils to make your skin feel silky soft! (I’ve tried them, they’re amazing!) Get it here.

Baobab Body Oil bottles

Rawtanica’ Baobab powder will be available at health food stores throughout Australia.

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