There’s a few products that are always on my radar and INDAH is one of them.

Their recent re brand really caught my attention so I got in touch with founder Teisha to find out more.

Tell me about how INDAH started?
INDAH started when I was traveling through Bali trying to mend a broken heart. I accidentally came across a healer whilst I was looking for the medicine man from Elizabeth Gilbert’s book Eat Pray Love. At the time, he was unheard of in Bali, but this little Balinese woman took me in, and she taught me so much about plant oils and their powers. I came back to Melbourne and went to uni and studied business. I started making small batches for friends, family and to sell at the markets, but it kind of exploded and turned into this cult following. Natural and organic brands weren’t that popular back then, and if they were they had a hippy stigma attached to them. I think INDAH was one of the first brands to really make a mark in the natural and organic skincare industry and make it look cool and yet still work wonders.

What was the catalyst for the recent re-brand?
I had this urge to change INDAH a while ago because we are so stringent on being such a clean organic brand, we were kind of getting lost in the noise, and by the noise I mean, beauty brands claiming that they’re all this and that. There’s no real authority to crack down on marketing terminology and claiming promises in our industry and what makes me mad is that the new organic and natural brands that have come through in the last few years, they’re certified organic like we were but they get away with putting so much crap in their formula to make it affordable, and this isn’t fair on real brands like INDAH who stay true to their word. I decided to rebrand with new products, new website, and a clearer message. I’ve grown up and so has INDAH and it has always been a no bullsh*t brand but now it’s much more concise and we are no longer supporting the marketing buzz words such as “certified blah blah blah” because it’s all lies, and we don’t want to be a part of that anymore.

Why do you think some companies won’t go cruelty-free?
In my opinion, they won’t be able to sell into some Asian markets without it being tested on animals first and these brands need cheap and highly manufactured ingredients to make the type of products do their job – the best example is all those gimmicky mascaras and skincare products that freeze your face. There’s no way you could find an organic or more natural alternative do the things they do, and it’s all endorsed by huge celebrities who get paid millions of dollars to be the face of these products, and these celebrities and models are usually vegan who seem to live a healthy lifestyle on social media – it’s all a big joke if you ask me.

Do you have any pets or favourite animals?
Yes, I have a blue-grey mini lop rabbit called Bali, he is my baby. He is the king of our house and has a better diet than I do. I would have so many bunnies if I could, I just want to live on a farm surrounded by animals – that is my dream.

What’s your cult product?
My cult product is my Vegan Lip Tint. It is seriously so nourishing, I can’t go or do anything without it. Most lip balms contain nasty petroleum by-products or synthetic colourings, so I made my own using real beetroot. It tastes so good I am always licking my lips – but it’s safe so it’s okay.

What product (skin/body or makeup) can’t you love without?
I hardly wear any makeup so my Active Recovery Oil always gives me a beautiful natural glow and I sweat a lot and I can get a bit stinky, so my Active Spray comes with me everywhere, I spray it all over my body and it’s such a nice refresher during the day.

Thank so much for your time Teisha. You can check out INDAH’s amazing new look below:

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