Over the years, different essential oil brands have been used to slow down the ageing process.

Correct use of these oils revitalises the skin while accelerating the new growth of cells. This results in younger, radiant skin. What makes essential oils more effective is their natural state.

The natural state of essential oils ensures that there are no adverse effects that may lead to more damage to the skin. The quest for glowing, healthy skin has led to extensive research. The knowledge gained will assist in the journey towards a healthy and ageless skin.

Anti-Ageing Essential Oils and properties

Pomegranate Seed Oil

Pomegranate seed oil contains bioflavonoid which is found in oil containing dark red pigmented seeds. These form natural sun protection which helps the skin recover from sunburns. When used as a deep cleanser, it infuses the skin with healthy nutrients that enables the skin to remain moisturised and hydrated.

Pomegranate oil contains polyunsaturated omega 5 fatty acids. This oil is responsible for regulating free radicals which are an accelerating factor for ageing. Whether our skin is acne prone, oily or dry, we can enjoy the immense anti-ageing properties from pomegranate seed oil.

Because it contains firming properties, it is used in massages to help firm the skin. It helps relieve skin inflammation, clears scars, and enhances the texture of the skin leaving one looking healthier and younger.

Jojoba Oil

Skin needs constant hydration for ideal health. Research shows that Jojoba oil has been placed among the most hydrating oils. It contains various nutrients which are immensely beneficial to the well-being of the skin. Some of them are Vitamins B complex which is responsible for blocking free radicals from the skin, vitamin E, chromium, copper and a huge percentage of iodine.

Since an ageing skin is prone to dryness following the production of less sebum; Jojoba oil moisturises the skin. It has oil regulating properties that ensure that the skin remains acne free by producing the appropriate amount of oil. This oil is naturally light and, therefore, does not clog the skin pores.

Its antibacterial properties are boosted by the presence of iodine. It has the capability to fight skin conditions and control dry skin. It improves the firmness of the skin and prevents wrinkles. Jojoba oil accelerates the healing of open wounds and eventually clears scars.

Studies have shown that it has the ability to minimise skin lesions. Continued use of Jojoba oil revitalises the skin and brings back the glow of healthy, young skin.

Carrot Seed Oil

The antioxidant rich oil inhibits skin damage from the sun and skin diseases. It revitalises the skin and improves the texture hence giving it a notable glow.

Carrot seed oil comes with oil balancing properties. This makes it suitable for all skin types. Dry skin is prone to cracking and looking pale. Carrot seed oil has the capability to sooth it and provides enough moisture. This restores radiance in dry skin. Because it has oil balancing properties, people with oily skin need not be afraid of using it. It controls and eventually heals acne.

The components of carrot seed oil include carotol, vitamin E and C. All these nutrients help the skin form new cells ensuring a constant look of good healthy and youthful skin. It tones the skin and prevents wrinkles by firming it.


Ylang-ylang’s relaxing properties make it appropriate for use in soothing baths. It is a fatigue reliever and helps insomniacs sleep better. Good sleep has been touted as one of the major contributors of glowing, healthy skin. Ylang-ylang regulates sebum production in the skin. This is important in ensuring that the skin remains adequately moisturised and hydrated.

Acne-prone skin can benefit from its healing and antiseptic properties. It accelerates recovery from skin infections and clears any blemishes. It helps reduce stress which can speed up skin ageing. Due to its ability to firm and tone the skin, it has been widely used for massages.


Essential oils can be administered in the skin through many ways. They can be included in bathing water for a relaxing and calming effect. They can also be included in body butter and facial creams.

It is, however, not advisable to take essential oils internally due to their potency. If we decide to use them in our creams, there is need to have carrier oils which act as a base for the essential oil.

Making use of different essential oil brands for an anti-ageing effect provides your skin with protection from sun damage. As seen above, they contain nutrients which are responsible for rejuvenating the skin and soothing the body, which ultimately leads to fresh, vibrant and young skin. The potency of antibacterial properties in essential oils is enough to prevent skin diseases as well and heal existing skin conditions.

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