Traditional Chinese Medicine Australia was founded by Dr Shuquan Liu, who is a qualified Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner and a recognized leader in the field.

Traditional Chinese Medicine Australia has several locations across Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne. Dr Liu has helped thousands of Australians to improve their physical and emotional health through traditional Chinese medicine, and is passionate about sharing his extensive knowledge and experience. Dr. Liu aims to help each of his patients to live for 100 years or more, both drug free and pain free, and he personally trains all of the practitioners working in the Traditional Chinese Medicine Australia clinics.

Through the use of Ancient Chinese medicine principals, acupuncture and herbs Dr Liu’s philosophy is about gaining optimal health and clearing blockages from the body. He makes a good point that we spend time planning for everything in our lives, our finances, career and families, but very little time on our own health. Through this method Dr Liu is about filing the gap of our health to optimal health, even if we don’t feel unwell.

My consultation begins with a health assessment, which includes pulse testing, followed by cupping and acupuncture. Dr Liu tells me I am about 5kgs over weight, am getting 30% less oxygen than I need in my blood and have blockages in my stomach and kidneys. Removing these blockages will help with my oxygen flow and stop my heart from having to work so hard when I sleep. Admittedly I feel like there’s a lump in my belly that could do with moving, and I’ve never been very good at breathing (having asthma since a child) so the oxygen issue isn’t a surprise.

So here’s the treatment plan, acupuncture and massage every day for 14 days. Also a series of herbs blended just for me breakfast, lunch and dinner for those 14 days. And no food. Yep, no food. This makes me nervous, I love food, and consider myself to be a pretty healthy eater. My program begins the following week. In this time I notice changes already, I had no desire for coffee, my appetite halved and I drank lots of water.

Day 1

At 9am I arrive at the clinic and my appointment starts with massage, to help soften my tight body and remove blockages. There is focus on a deep stomach massage, where I felt something release and felt a surge of oxygen go through my body. This was followed by acupuncture. That day I took my herbs home, and worked from home. I was happy to find that my herbs were palatable, and my hunger from that morning faded. It was an emotionally hard day and by the end of the day I felt like a 5 years old who’s had her toys and civil rights taken away and wanted to cry in the corner.

Day 2

The day begins with massage and acupuncture again and I’m feeling antsy about food. After rushing to work do a client package at the skin clinic by mid afternoon I was defeated, this extreme detox and manual work didn’t go well together, so I ate pumpkin soup. In two minds about what to do I decided to put my self on a gentle cleanse where I could eat nourishment and move and still have benefits, dinner was a simple chicken and salad, only a small portion. I would talk to Dr Liu tomorrow morning.

Day 3

That morning I just had a beauty chef powder and then some avocado and tomato for a light breakfast. I’m feeling pretty good now the hunger is under control and I’m giving my body something.

That morning the acupuncture experience was painful, which was unusual. When spoke to Dr about how I was feeling, and felt it wasn’t for me, he said the point is to slow down the metabolism to help reset, don’t worry about yesterday and keep going. I understood what he meant and I felt bad but this program just wasn’t for me.


This was a case of listening to my body and doing what was right for me, you need to decide what detox program is right for you. I know what to do with my health and this was a great kick up the arse to do it and be better, so in that case I got a lot out of it.

Continued with my own cleanse for the rest of the 2 weeks, cutting caffeine, diary, gluten and alcohol and only eating a small amount of protein at night, also small meals and exercise, which I actually really enjoyed, getting out of bed in the am is easier and I have more energy and feel lighter again.

By the end of the week on my gentle cleanse I felt amazing and had lots of energy.

Saturday morning I started to get back to normal and had my spelt toast with avocado and a cup of tea, which gave me a stomachache, any gluten was sitting very badly with me, at the time. This was the perfect elimination diet and will be cutting out gluten again (which is what I’d started to eat more and more of).

By the end of the process I felt so much better and had accumulated good habits again like drinking enough water, no relying on coffee as a food group, drinking less soy milk in my coffees and also eating less gluten in general which upsets me. The sluggishness and holiday weight is gone and it was a great re-set to 2017.

I feel this detox would be great for anyone who is seriously about changing their health and have bad habits they wish to break. To get in touch in your city go to to have a chat about improving your health.


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