Vegan. Animal lover. Natural Beauty Advocate.

When I met Adele at The Natural and Organic Supershow I knew she would be perfect for our cruelty free issue. Being a vegan and animal lover Adele is a passionate cruelty free campaigner and inspires other to make devious healthy food on her vegan blog Vegiehead.

Being an animal lover and vegan Adele has a lot to contribute to the cruelty free conversation.

Tell us a bit about your background that led you to the Vegie Head blog.
Vegie Head started when I was sick of seeing blogs and websites filled with fake meat and processed food! I began by taking photos of my food and sharing them on Facebook. The requests for my recipes became so in demand, that I built the website, and I’ve never looked back. Not a day goes by without me being so full of gratitude that I can do what I love!

Have you always been vegetarian or vegan, or was this something you changed as you got older?
I have been pretty much vegetarian my whole life; I was never a big fan of meat or dairy. When I turned 15 I made the decision to be a strict vegetarian, and only ever had the occasional piece of cheese or yoghurt. So it wasn’t a huge step for me 6 or 7 ago when I decided to follow a vegan diet. I hate labelling myself, as I find it so limiting; so instead I like to think that I’m a plant-based food expert!

You talk a lot about how good nutrition leads to great skin, something we’re very passionate about here at Natural Beauty Expert, what are you top foods for good skin health?
Organic fruit and vegetables to start! Healthy fats and oils; avocado, coconut oil, nuts and seeds, and filtered water.

You’ve just launched your very own lipstick collection, congratulations. I am very excited to see this but I believe it’s already sold out! How do you get that beautiful vibrant red while still being vegan friendly?
Thank you! They sold out in three days and we’re awaiting on more now. I’ve used a mineral base, with a small amount of synthetic food dye to bring out the Mica colours. In Australia we’re still debating cruelty free laws, obviously we’d all like to see it outlawed to test on animals.

dusk tube logo

Why do you think it’s taking so long to pass in parliament?
It’s a shame that it’s taken as long as it has; but finally people are starting to wake up and see the effects of their choices! Big manufacturers, brands and companies sadly have a lot of say in what gets used; their choices ultimately affect everything. As long as everyone is in each others pockets and is profiting, nothing will ever change; and when it does it takes a long time!

What would your messages to ministers be about getting on with passing cruelty free law?
Stop. Just stop. It’s cruel, unnecessary and outdated.

I know you have 2 beautiful fur baby puppies, can you introduce them to us? Do you have any other pets?
I do! Hank is a 4 year old Golden Retriever and Holly is a 2 year old deaf Irish Wolfhound x. They’re the light of my life!

hank and holly park 5

You also have a few goodies on offer, a beautiful vegan cook book (which I can’t wait to start trying!) and a VIP club house. Tell us more about those.
I do!
I have a published cookbook ‘The Vegan Cookbook’, digital books; everything from 14 Day Juice and Smoothie Feasts, Raw Dessert eBooks, Main Meal eBooks, a cookbook for dogs and many more!
I have programs; one for clear skin ‘Stripped Bare‘, ‘The Vegie Head Academy‘ which steps you through the basics of a plant based lifestyle and everything you need to know, and I’m the co-founder of ‘Make Some Real Dough’ which teaches food, health and lifestyle bloggers to turn their blogs into a business.
My VIP Club House is the private members section on my website; subscribers get access to monthly goodies like eBooks, PDF’s videos, interviews, oracle card readings and so much more.

Finally what’s your favourite beauty product you can’t live without?
It’d have to be my Dusk by Adele ‘2am’ lipstick.


2am lips real

Thank you so much for being our April cover Adele!

You can find Adele on Facebook and Instagram for all her latest news and goodies.


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