5 Ways to Show Your Beautiful Self Some Well-Deserved Loving and Love Your Body NOW.

It’s that wonderful time of year where the headlines start to scream at us about ‘how to get a bikini body!’, ‘get in shape for summer!’, ‘burn that fat!’, ‘lose that weight/cellulite/[insert unwanted body issue here]’! Does this give us great feelings about ‘getting ready for summer!’? Or does it just make us criticize our bodies as they look now? Is looking like a celebrity in a bikini the only way to be beautiful and love your body? Hell no.

5 Ways to Love Your Body NOW

  1. Keep a gratitude journal.

Research shows us that gratitude and appreciation help us to feel improved happiness in the present moment (and over time). Pick a time each day to reflect and write down 3 reasons you feel grateful for your body today, such as your ability to walk, run, look at interesting art, listen to groovy music, or that you love your green eyes, or your smile, or your beautifully voluptuous curves. There are plenty of online apps which will send you daily reminders too.

  1. Move daily. However you like to move, just move.

We’ve all heard it before – we all need to exercise. But did you know that exercise increases production of happy brain chemicals like endorphins, and reduces and moves stress hormones (like cortisol) out of your body? What does this mean? Improved mood! Feeling better. And choose how you like to move. Not how the latest mag tells you to. If that means doing interpretive dance in your lounge room with your cat, then go for it. No judgement…

  1. Choose your leisure reading wisely (i.e., Stop reading those magazines).

Maybe you’re like me. I used to buy certain health magazines (I won’t name names) thinking I was making wise reading choices and potentially improving my health. Now, this isn’t to say there won’t be some great pieces of advice in there, maybe some good tips on nutrition, maybe a few interesting exercises. But if reading these magazines is causing you more stress than happiness, hope or reassurance, then it’s not worth it. Ask yourself, is this reading material helping me to love my body? For me, it wasn’t. At least it didn’t a few years ago. If you get positive vibes from it, then please feel free to continue on. But if it’s stressing you out about all the things you ‘should’ be doing, or how you ‘should’ be looking, then ditch it! And don’t even get me started on certain girlie mags and how they influence how we feel about our bodies…ask yourself the same question and then act accordingly.

  1. Tell yourself you love your body.

Now this may sound a bit simplistic, but trust me, it works. It’s a form of doing affirmations (and these are proven to be very effective!). Look in the mirror at your (preferably naked) body and think about what you like about it. Maybe you are like me, and you have a, ahem, curvaceous bottom. Appreciate it! Or perhaps there is a graceful curve to your neck, or you have the sweetest dimples (I won’t say where), or the cutest toes, or a soft, feminine tummy. Tell yourself how great that is. If this sounds a bit too cheesy, or you feel like you can’t do it because you don’t believe it, then just do it anyway! Ever heard of ‘fake it til you make it’? THIS WORKS. Eventually it will feel natural. Which brings me to my final point…

  1. Enjoy your food and forget guilt.

As a nutritionist, you will never hear me associate the word ‘guilt’ (or ‘guilt-free’) with food. Those recipes proclaiming that you can ‘enjoy this lettuce GUILT-FREE!’ drive me nuts! If you want to eat something lovely, then eat it. And enjoy it. You do more damage to yourself feeling guilty after eating what you perceive to be a naughty food, then just enjoying it. Feeling horrible about yourself afterwards sets off a cascade of stress hormones through your body which will actually cause you to compromise good digestion, possibly gain weight, maybe bring on inflammation. Consider the French. They eat pastries and butter and such delicious foods, and there is rarely a concept of feeling guilty afterwards. They savour and enjoy it and let it bring joy to their lives. And do they have higher rates of related health conditions or weight gain? Nope. Do people who obsess about what they eat tend to have difficulty with health and struggle with their relationship with food and body image? Often, yes. Learn from the French. And if you have a beautiful, round booty, embrace it. BECAUSE, GIRL, THAT IS A THING OF BEAUTY.


Grace Miano

Nutritionist, Speaker & Educator – BHSci(NutMed), BA(Psych), PGradCertEd, CertTAE
As a degree-qualified nutritionist, Grace’s main focus is using food as medicine, and helping clients to create a non-toxic lifestyle, and she has a special interest in fertility, pre/postnatal health, babies and children, and special needs and disability.Grace is also an experienced speaker and loves to give talks and run workshops and cooking classes.Grace is based in Melbourne and when she’s not talking about food, you will find her spending time in the country with her partner, at the ballet or chasing cats to cuddle.

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