It is poignant that this coming Chinese New Year begins on a “9” day, on 8th February 2016, because Monkey is the nineth sign in the Chinese zodiac and 2016 is itself a 9 year.

While the Fire Monkey is normally quite bold, ambitious, and swift in its own way, the further delineation of the year being a numerical ‘9’ adds a reflective, introspective quality to the mix. 9 is The Hermit card in the major arcana of the tarot.

The hermit does their best work by meditatively pacing themselves along their travels, not rushing ahead without due respect for their surroundings. The Hermit uses the staff they carry to check that the ground ahead is solid before venturing further onwards. The lucky thing about carrying a staff is that if you do fall into quicksand unexpectedly, you can use the staff to lift yourself back out of it. The Hindu monkey god Hanuman carries a staff for a different reason and I recall a client once asking an apparently much repeated question in their life, and as they did, I had a vision of Hanuman symbolically hitting them on the head. The client’s head did hurt as they asked the question and as such they were being reminded symbolically that they needed to let go and stop banging their head against the same old wall. This year may well be the time to ask yourself “how many times must I go over the same old pattern, and am I ready to change it?”

It will be time for change for many as they sort wheat from chaff, in work, in life, in love, in thinking, and also within old outworn modes of being, doing, and acting. It is also a time that people can get a bit lost in their thoughts, or confused by over thinking. Balance is the key, going within oneself and above all, rest when needed. Take the time to ‘be’ rather than ‘do.’ From that moment of giving yourself space you then have a clearer mind and path forward. But, forward it must be…This is not a year for going backwards, although there may be a lot of reflecting. And as with anything, you cannot look forward in life if you only face what you desire to leave behind. It is a time to look at what you can be grateful for from what lead you here and now, and then what you can agree on and celebrate rather than denigrate in others.

Globally over the last year we have been really looking at the choice also between love and fear, between openness and narrow thinking. For us to exclude anyone and to create inequity is to raise great rebellion towards us. The Wood Goat year 2015 brought us excess in many ways, from lack of understanding deep sensitivities to hard headed and unnecessary goading of issues. Many leaders have raised respect issues in our communities. I would answer leaders who think exclusion is the answer by saying that the definition of insanity is to keep doing what you have always done, and expect different results. Some old problems require new and more holistic answers.

The monkey has a prehensile tail, and so they can hang upside down on a branch fairly effortlessly, while the rest of them is upside down. Monkey sees, hears, and interacts with the world from an entirely different angle to all the other animals. This is what makes people with the Chinese Monkey as their year or hour far more adaptable. They can find the new and different solutions because they see it in ways others don’t. I can tell you that you will want them on your side of the table in the boardroom. They have their own way of “eyeing off” the competition, the events and situations they find themselves or others in. So, when they finally do actually enter the negotiation, argument or mediation, they usually strike straight to the core of the matter with absolute clarity. At times, they take no prisoners. They move swiftly, decisively, and with great precision, even if they seemed to sit there for a great while before making any move at all. They are usually the masters of communication “their way.” And they will be able to take in everyone’s different view, but will choose the one direct and most compelling argument to mount and win their case. Expect the unexpected when Monkey is around, underestimate their skill and undermine them at your loss.

For those born in Fire Element years, conserve your energy from the Christmas period through to March, after which you will feel more energetic. But during December – January, if you are feeling a bit burnt out, take time out for you and remember you may need more hydration, literally. Same goes for those entering a “4” personal year, and those with a “9” day of birth or a “9” life path number, as well as those born in the year of Tiger, Snake, and Horse.

This is your year to fly. Start by clearing out the clutter and the cobwebs, open up the windows and let the draft clear a new breath of fresh air through your life. You may find that you are uncovering hidden gems of all kinds. Whether it’s long lost items, ideas, aspirations, or even old treasures and photos from times gone by, what do you see in looking back? How far have you come and how far do you want to go now? It’s a time to look at the journey so far. For 60th year Monkeys, this is the return of the journey set out upon at the beginning of your life and looking now at the full culmination of it returning to you, and deciding where to from here… if you are finished with certain aspects and what you even want to start anew now. A new hobby, course, change of career, many Monkeys will still have a lot of contribute and offer, is there something you now are ready to finally give back to yourself?

For monkeys turning 48, you may feel as if you have to get a better, deeper look at where you are going and whether you want to completely rearrange things. For some monkeys this will mean changing things around the home, for some it will be in relationships or work, but this year is a time of getting things repositioned and above all, learning new levels of practicality.

For monkeys turning 36, try to avoid blowing up and losing your cool with people, as while all that combustible energy can be great for moving your opportunities in career forward, it can go a bit overboard in frustrations with people who fail to grasp the basics, try to contain your lack of patience for those less well equipped.
For monkeys turning 24, you may find a cause you are passionate about, and a new love interest, take things a bit slower, it is better to wait a long time for the right one than a short time for the wrong one.

For 12 year monkeys you may find yourself full of creative buzz. It may be difficult to contain all that enthusiasm and energy. Channeled correctly this energy can be put to good use, if not finding an outlet you can go the other way ad become lethargic. For parents of 12 year old monkeys, you may be best investing in your child having swimming lessons, creative hobbies, or lots and lots of long walks to burn off the excessive mental energy your monkey child may well have this year in spurts. When they aren’t so energetic, don’t push them this year. There may be quieter months of March, May, August, September and November, when they might not be quite as ‘up’ and ‘on’ as the rest of the year. And remember the opposite to ‘on’ is ‘no.’

There should be lots of choices for you, and while the directions may not all be completely aligned with where you want to go, you can see the selection and will be able to sort through. If you have a 9 life path number and are a Rooster you may find you want to lay low a bit from time to time this year as you decide what the most pressing priority is and likely best place to invest your energy. Be cautious and conservative with monetary investments if you are a Rooster in this particular Fire Monkey year, and depending more specifically on which element you were born in and the combination of hour, day, month and year. Metal Roosters especially need to avoid being hyper-reactive to sudden changes and are best staying out of speculative markets. Avoid placing all your bets on one outcome in all areas, and in love be flexible within reason.

You can coast through the year if you are not holding on to the past or to your point of view for too rigidly or too long. A bird in the hand is sometimes worth two in the bush, and sometimes half a loaf bread is better than none. Compromise is your key this year, but not indecisiveness. If selling a home better to choose your best months and recognise when you are being offered a good price, even if it is not your price. The same goes for pay rises. You are being asked to negotiate in relationships differently and more openly. Harmony is sometimes better than having to be right, and the last person left in an argument usually argues with themselves.

What a few years of change you have had already, and while there is more coming you are often buoyed by the monkey year. A lot of valuable learning is gained in the monkey year. Usually pig and monkey are seen as companions, however avoid overstaying your welcome this year with acquaintances or friends, especially when you get that restless feeling. You can always return later. Sometimes the best way to keep a friendship can be to withdraw quietly and ambiguously, returning when you feel things have shifted sufficiently to make it comfy again. In career your intelligence and wit will help you gain traction, but avoid being seen as too brash in any way. You may feel a change in the air and that it is a time of re-evaluating your surrounds. You may want to refurbish your home or your career direction. Pigs looking for love may find they have someone from the past popping in and out of their mind and life, sometimes this ends as friends, sometimes it is a reminder of why you left, and what you want now. Single pigs should be open to meeting someone new, but selective, trust is the cornerstone of a solid partnering.

Dearest Rat, you are ever industrious, and will be repaid well this year as long as you choose your friends wisely, and your confidants even more wisely than that. Give your best ideas to those you trust, and preferably, after you have already utilised the ideas. But, Rat already usually knows that trick. You may feel a bit like you are the observer this year than the observed. You will however be able to gain better favour in the work or public profile, by playing your cards close to your chest as your ideas may morph and change into better ones. It’s always best to let people see the end product than the work in progress. If people see the work in progress, then the wow factor is never as strong as only seeing the finished article. You can blow the influential people’s minds that way this year. In love you may find that you have to let smaller issues take a back seat while you make the actual relating take the forefront, partnered Rats need to make the partnership central and reprioritize other people and events or lose focus too easily on what really matters.

Aren’t you glad 2015 is over, some of you have made amazing progress, yet others can’t wait to be free of 2015. It certainly will have been an eventful year for many Oxes, and for some they will have looked back on past relationships and really sorted through the endings of things and said “lesson learnt.” For other Oxes, it is appreciation of moving forward now, with anchors away, you may want to set sail for a new frontier whether literally or symbolically, and many may be looking at broadening horizons whether through travel or changes in thinking. Restless Oxes won’t be happy with the status quo anymore and will want more, more feeling, more quality of life, and to ‘unshackle’ themselves from stagnant situations. But for those oxen settled and happy or settling down this year, they will settle solidly and for a long time. Most ox will be in a nesting mood, wanting to feel comfort and nurtured this year. If they don’t feel comfortable and nurtured they will move and dramatically.

This year it is good to be bold, to a point, unless you are year of the Tiger, for Tigers this year holds many opportunities to grow by utilising patience and subtlety. Use this year to your advantage by understanding how you are being given opportunity through seeing things from the opposite direction, or from the other person’s perspective. It may be a bit like dancing the cha-cha this year, some steps forwards, some backwards. There is still movement and learning in the dance of life. The results are best seen in hindsight, and nothing is wasted if you gently take all the good that comes from it.

Rabbit / Cat
Rabbit, when confident ca take great strides this year as long as they are operating in their more intuitive, gut instinctual level of knowing. But if they allow their insecurities to take over it can be quite messy and confused. This year it is better to know the facts, have all the necessary equipment and supplies and done all the housekeeping and homework before setting out on new adventures. This is not the year to be ‘Zen’ in having the idea, saying what we are doing, and then working out if you can do it. You will crave quiet time at home and with loved ones this year but also at the same time, feel the urge to get more active in your pursuits, if you do your homework first you can do well this year.

There isn’t much the monkey can do that the Dragon doesn’t notice. For the Dragon is all seeing, and all the animals at once. Most dragons will let the drama rush past them this year, feeling a bit over it form last year. Some will consider returning to study, or looking into their future direction with great interest and drive. They won’t get all that bothered by the Fire Monkey year in all. The Earth Dragon (1988), however may be dealing with reoccurring patterns they are trying to deal with, so whether this is of a friend, themselves, or a family member and to do with unhealthy habits or relationships that need some fine tuning. This is the year that dragon seems to want to get more serious and back into action. In love, relationships, many Dragons will make powerful, lasting change.

For Snake year people, I would avoid getting too upset if your best laid plans are delayed, or require deviation or tangents. You can still get things done if you are patient, flexible, and focused. If you allow frustration to take over, you will not be seen in the best light, and may start feeling like the dog being wagged by the tail. Avoid being seen as too aggressive in your plans, or ungrateful in any way. Both you and I know you aren’t ungrateful, but perception management may be your key this year. If you are in the Southern Hemisphere, from June and July you should make more head way more effortlessly. If you are in the Northern Hemisphere, that will be experienced at the onset of winter, towards the end of 2016. Use timing to your advantage and feel for the best timing for you and for the party you are trying to win over.

Sometimes it’s called ‘the monkey on your back,’ other people call it monkey mind… But this year you can use the energy to release old burdens, if you can first look at how you manage your time and energy instead of allowing your life and other people to run you. Take a step back and see where you may be overloading yourself or allowing other to do that to you, and you will have clear insight of how to get your second win. Remember it is your choice what you take on board.

Avoid gossip this year, and as much as possible, change the subject or deflect, this year you can find that other people’s dramas just isn’t tolerable any more. You can help people only as much as they want to be helped, and as much as they are prepared to help themselves. Take your energy back for you, but be gentle in how you go about it.

Sheep / Goat

My, my, what a year 2015 was hey? Well, it certainly brought up old events and memories, some of which you will be happy to have had and others you will be happy to see the end of but it is all the useful stuff of spiritual and personal growth. Some of you have had abrupt endings, others have opened new doors, but you have been kept on your toes all year in 2015 to find greater strength within yourselves. Out of that you have the seeds for the new crop, what will you sow now? Treat as special and sacred, all that you have gained in self knowing in 2015, and share it carefully with those who respect your energy, in this Fire Monkey year. Especially if you are a Wood Goat (1955). Wood goats are far more sensitive and are more likely to sacrifice their own hopes, dreams and needs while giving to others. Try to temper that this year with some giving back to you. Avoid fiery loud people this year, unless you are a Fire Goat (1967) in which case, we as bold as you want, but remain open to new thinking none the less. If you are Metal Goat (1991) channel all the energy coming your way into something creative, or new projects that you can use your mental and emotional energy towards something powerful and positive in your life. This will help you maintain your equilibrium.

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